Denver Breweries- A Non-Beerdrinker’s Perspective

In my time in Denver, I’ve learned that most apartments are located within walking distance of three different types of businesses: A Crossfit gym, a dispensary and a brewery.

Here is my opinion on craft beer (or all three for that matter): Meh.

Unfortunately for me, if you want to maintain a social life in Denver, it’s necessary to learn to love one of the three. Or maybe all three. No judgment.

So below you will find a guide to Denver breweries by someone who spends a lot of time in them…. drinking water.

Okay, so let’s start off with my favorite of all, River North. Located a few blocks north of Rocky Stadium on Blake St, this brewery has a great vibe. There’s no TV, so you’re sort of forced to be social. The people that work there are awesome and laid back. River North also allows dogs, so we bring our pups there on a pretty regular basis. They may or may not be River North locals. Oh, and they were recently voted 2015 Brewery of the Year at The Best of Craft Beer Wards in Bend, OR this year. So I guess their beer is pretty good.

Another brewery that I’ve spent some time in is Mockery. The thing I love the most about this brewery is the copper piping in the bathrooms and around their main sign in the tap room. My second favorite thing is that they serve a flight of tasters in a Colorado license plate and my third favorite thing is their logo. So basically, they did a great job with the branding of this brewery. And as a marketer, I appreciate cleverness and creativity above all, and Mockery succeeded on all fronts. And if you really want to know about their beer, they have a 4.5 star rating on Yelp!

I actually live across the street from TRVE brewing co. It also happens to be next door to a Crossfit Gym and on the same block as a dispensary. (Am I proving my point?) I’ve actually never been inside. But for those of you who don’t know, it’s a death metal brewery. It seems kinda dark inside every time I walk by and they are always blasting some sort of angry music. The reason I’m mentioning TRVE is because I absolutely love that there is a brewery catering to this crowd. It totally cracks me up. I asked my beer enthusiast boyfriend about this brewery and he said, “It’s pretty good.” So, that’s good enough for me!

I realize that this information is not particularly helpful if you’re looking for good beer in Denver. So I asked a few of my beer enthusiast friends about their favorite places to imbibe.

Denver Beer Co.



Station 26

Epic Brewery

Beryl’s Beer Co.

Have a few others that I’ve missed? Feel free to share!


Samantha Samuel

is the newest member of the UDR marketing team. She recently moved to Denver from Los Angeles, where she spent the past 4 years in property management marketing. Her new role as the online marketing manager fulfills her love for numbers, metrics and data. When she’s not crunching numbers in excel she can be found hiking, watching her fill of college basketball (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!) and spending plenty of time in the Colorado sun.

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