Dear FAO Schwarz, You Will Be Missed

Last night the iconic New York City toy store, FAO Schwarz, closed its flagship’s doors after nearly 30 years on Fifth Avenue. According to FAO History, FAO Schwarz is the oldest toy store in the United States. Every New York kid knew and pined for a toy from FAO Schwarz, which was known for high-end toys and stuffed animals. The FAO Schwarz store was a dreamland for kids and adults alike with their ornate displays and their employees dressed up as characters throughout the store. It wasn’t just a toy store— it was a candy store and a tourist attraction, too! FAO Schwarz was a known stop on tourists’ itineraries due to the film, “Big,” which featured a famous scene starring Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia dancing on a big piano. The piano itself was also considered a tourist attraction.

FAO Schwarz was not just about the toys, but it was about the experience, memories, and joy that it brought to New Yorkers.

Though there are plans to relocate the store, we are hoping it’s soon because the holiday season in New York would not be the same without it!
Amy Johnson

is UDR’s budding social media guru, and has been instrumental in constructing the brand’s content strategy. After graduating from University of Colorado- Boulder, she started working for UDR as a marketing intern. When she isn’t perusing the web for the perfect pins and Facebook posts, she can be found hiking somewhere with her dog Rory.

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