DC’s Best Metro Stations

The Metro in Washington DC serves a greater purpose than just getting residents and tourists from point A to point B. The various stations also set the tone for the neighborhoods that lie just outside. If you haven’t stopped at some of these stations during your daily commute or weekend adventures, take some time to check DC’s best metro stations.

Best Escalators

Located at the intersection of Reedie Drive and Georgia Avenue, the Wheaton Station boasts a set of 230 foot long, single-span escalators—the longest in the entire Western Hemisphere. It takes 2 minutes and 45 seconds to ascend or descend the moving stairs without walking. In the hot summer months, those few minutes of cool air conditioning while on the escalators is a welcome reprieve from the hot streets above. But beware—a common complaint at this station is that the escalators are frequently out of order.

Best People Watching

The Dupont Circle Station boasts an eclectic mix of people that includes local students, international tourists and the like, rather than the standard “suits” that you see at many of the other metro stations in Washington DC. So grab a bench and sit for a while before venturing out into the spoked neighborhood filled with boutiques, studios, restaurants and high-end shops.

Aside from the people, there are other unique features found here. For instance, the granite on the adjoining wall of the north entrance of the Dupont Circle Station is engraved with a passage from “The Wound Dresser” by Walt Whitman. Find other features with a little urban exploration.

Best Treats Nearby

When you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, hop off at the U Street Station. Because . . . Cakelove. Pick up some Lemon Coconut Cupcakes for a refreshing treat or order Cynthia’s Sin Cupcakes when you want something a little richer.

Most Unique

Whether intentional or not, the rectangular insets on the domed roof of the Arlington Cemetery Station are reminiscent of the countless headstones in the military cemetery. It is much more impressive by night than by day, as the architectural features take on a reverent glow. Another thing that makes this station unique is that it is not entirely underground, only roofed by the Memorial Drive Bridge.

It’s not always easy to see the beauty in each metro station as they dash past in a blur, but each has its own personality and lovable quirks. Which are your favorites? Let us know below.
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