Closet Organization Hacks Inspired by Marie Kondo

In her latest book, Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo delves even deeper into the closet organization craze that’s decluttering the nation one closet at a time. The best part? Her tidying tips aren’t just practical, they are pretty too. Check out some of our favorite Kondo-inspired closet organization hacks.

Dazzling Jewelry Display

It doesn’t matter if you’ve lived in your apartment for five months or five years. Chances are when you start organizing it using the KonMari method you will rediscover some long-lost treasures in your jewelry box. The ones that no longer bring joy? Donate them. But what about that necklace that makes you happy every time you look at it, let alone wear it? Create a dazzling display in your closet or bedroom. Arrange display easels or busts on your dresser or on a shelf, as shown below.

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Pieces that you still wear frequently but don’t need to see every day can be stored in stacking jewelry boxes. When using a repurposed box, here’s a tip straight from the pages of Spark Joy: use a postcard, wrapping paper or something else that sparks joy but hasn’t been put to use as a liner in the bottom of the box.

Matching Hangers are a Must

Even after you purge last season’s strappy sandals that you no longer wear, fold your t-shirts using the KonMari method, and hang your slacks by color, your dresses by length, and your blouses by pattern, your closet will still appear cluttered if you have mismatched hangers.  If you have a walk-in closet, consider painting the interior walls with a contrasting color and hanging up a fun picture to increase the “wow” factor.

Decorate your Closet

If you have a walk-in closet, consider hanging temporary wallpaper on the interior walls and hanging up a fun picture to increase the “wow” factor. Austin Interior Designer Katie Kime has a totally Instagram-worthy closet (seen below).

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