Christmas Tree Recycling Made Easy

Trimming a fresh-cut Christmas tree delights the senses and fills your apartment with seasonal joy. The scent of pine instantly boosts your mood and reduces stress. Real evergreen trees are also more environmentally friendly than artificial ones. They are a renewable resource that can be recycled and used for a variety of purposes. So when your seasonal soirées make way to resolutions and bowl games, don’t try to shove your tree down the garbage chute or toss it in front of a dumpster. Instead, follow these five simple steps to recycling your Christmas tree.

1.     Get a Christmas tree removal bag at the same time you get your tree.

You can usually buy this at any home improvement store or the same place that you buy your tree. If not, Christmas tree removal bags are also available online. It’s much easier to dispose of your tree if you hide the bag under the tree skirt when setting it up. This way you don’t have to try and wrestle the bag under the tree when it’s time to dispose of it, scattering needles all over your luxury apartment.

2.     Don’t purchase a flocked tree.

Flocking adds extra texture and a touch of winter magic to Christmas trees, but it is not a recyclable material. Don’t purchase a flocked tree if you value sustainability.

3.     Remove all ornaments.

This seems to go without saying, but it is easy to overlook a stray ornament or piece or tinsel. If everything isn’t removed it can contaminate the entire recycling batch.

4.     Bag your tree.

Remember that Christmas tree bag you bought? It not only keeps the needles out of your apartment, but it also prevents needles and branches from scattering all over the common areas of your URD community as you carry it out. Some bags even feature handles on the side, making it easier yet to transport the tree.

5.     Drop it off at a recycling location.

Depending on where you live, your waste management company may offer curbside pickup for tree recycling. Be sure to check with your onsite manager to see if this service is offered. If not, larger cities often designate drop-off locations for residents. Home Depot offers Christmas tree recycling in select areas as well. Contact your local store to check participation.

Where do you recycle your Christmas tree? Be sure to let your friends and neighbors know by sharing the details below. 
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