Choosing the Right Floor Plan for You: Studio vs. One Bedroom

Choosing a Floor Plan

You already know you want to live in a luxury apartment community that is conveniently located in a highly-desirable neighborhood and boasts plenty of on-site amenities. Choosing the right floor plan for you is the next step. Sure, you can save some money by renting a studio instead of a multi-bedroom unit, but will it cost you your sanity? Answer these yes or no questions to determine if a studio or a one-bedroom unit is the best fit for your lifestyle.

  1. Do you value privacy more than intimacy?
  2. Do you frequently have overnight guests?
  3. Are you willing to pay a little more for utilities?
  4. Do you like to entertain?
  5. Do you have enough time to clean a larger space?
  6. Do you telecommute?
  7. Is it important that you have options when it comes to furnishing your apartment?

If You Answered “Yes” to Most of These Questions

You will likely be more comfortable in a one-bedroom unit. Having space to stretch out is more important to you than saving a little money. This floor plan sets clear boundaries when entertaining and keeps your sleeping space private when you have friends or family crash at your place. Those who telecommute often prefer a one-bedroom apartment as it allows you to close the door on work at the end of the day, retiring to the bedroom it is time to unwind.

If You Answered “No” to Most of These Questions

A studio apartment is ideal for your lifestyle. You would rather explore the city you live in and experience its nightlife than entertain at home. Even though your design options are more limited when it comes to furnishing a studio apartment, there are a number of creative solutions that won’t cramp your style. A smaller space not only means you will pay less rent, but you will also save money on monthly utilities as well—giving you more money to spend on couture kicks or court side tickets.

Did you find this questionnaire helpful? What other factors did you consider when it came to the studio vs. one-bedroom choice? Let us know by commenting below.

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