Going for the Gold: Channel Mission Bay is LEED Certified

We’re proud to announce that one of UDR’s San Francisco apartment communities, Channel Mission Bay, has recently achieved one of the highest LEED Certifications: LEED Gold. Established by the U.S. Green Building Council in 1998, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification (LEED) has had an enormous impact on modern buildings. LEED provides a scoring system that critiques a building’s ability to operate while maintaining excellent health, efficiency and sustainability. According to Sustainable Industries Magazine, buildings with LEED for Homes Certification have been shown to be up to 40% more energy efficient. Overall, being LEED GOLD certified demonstrates an encompassing strive for healthier living spaces as well as a consciousness of the surrounding environment.

What exactly will you find at a LEED certified apartment community you might ask? Here are just a few ways Channel Mission Bay has achieved a LEED Gold status:

Energy Reduction

ENERGY STAR® rated appliances, compact fluorescent lighting, ceiling fans, programmable thermostats, and exterior lighting controls.


Water Conservation

Low flow faucets, showerheads, and toilet; low flow water restrictors that use less water without compromising water pressure. Rain water harvesting system that stores and utilizes water captured from specialized gutters to irrigate landscaping.



A percentage of the community is constructed from recycled materials. Additionally, all trash chute rooms offer recycling and a separate compost area.

Providing a sustainable living environment is a nationwide commitment for UDR. Learn more about how UDR communities are contributing to the green initiative


Amy Johnson

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