Confronting the Challenge of the Extra Bedroom

Is it a home office? Guest room? Extra storage room? Or all of the above?

If you have an extra bedroom in your apartment or home, you face the challenge of using it for multiple reasons while presenting it as one.

It’s a guest room. You’ve painstakingly taken an entire month, or more, and visited every store in your area and online to find the perfect bedding. You’ve purchased lovely pillows, thoughtful artwork, and a few accessories so that your guests will be welcomed by a peaceful and serene oasis.

But wait, what’s that in the corner? A desk? And the closet doors won’t close because it’s overflowing with holiday decorations, winter sweaters, tennis rackets, gift boxes, and mementos. What happened to the oasis I dreamt of creating for my friends and family?

It’s the multi-use room. The extra bedroom that becomes a catch-all for your home. So how do you make it work?

  1. Guest room. Pick out great bedding set with coordinating pillows, window treatments, and accessories. This is the easy part. You want your guests to feel comfortable during their stay so go ahead and make it classy, comfy, and dreamy.
  2. Office. Try and keep your home office to one side of the room. Make sure you have an adequate desk for work that also fits best in your space. Use file cabinets, organizers, and bins to keep everything put away and in its place. If you need extra space while you’re working or just paying the bills, by all means, spread out. But when you’re finished each day, make sure you clean up and ensure everything is tucked away. You don’t want guests snooping through your work or much less your credit card statement.
  3. Storage. Here comes the creative part – you have to get your closet doors shut. Check out ideas on Pinterest. Visit your neighborhood organization store or hardware store to talk with the experts. It’s amazing the contraptions that are available for storing just about all of your household items. Maybe you can move your off-season clothing to under-the-bed storage drawers or totes to free up a little hanging room for your visiting mother-in-law’s items. Build an extra shelf above the top shelf in your closet for those items you don’t really need daily access to including decorations and mementos. If you need additional storage, add a small bookcase with cute bins and use a side table for the bed.

Continue to update and change the room to work for you and your guests. Living space is valuable so make sure you utilize as much as you can depending on your lifestyle, hobbies, and more. UDR apartments offer versatile floor plans and large closets to help you make the most of your space.

Have you fought the challenge of the guest room and won? Share your ideas and let me know your tips, successes, and ideas.

Chelsea Hoffman

has worked in online marketing for over ten years and in the multi-family industry for over five years. She lives just outside the Denver area but loves traveling to luxury apartment communities and the unique neighborhoods in which they reside across the US. Chelsea has a passion for her family, shopping, and NFL football. Follow for her favorite apartment views and posts about making it through this crazy world.

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