Brighten Up Any Outdoor Space with Solar Lighting

outdoor patio solar lighting

We all want to make the most of our outdoor space and maximize our living area. Adding lighting to a patio or balcony can really bring it to life. Whether you want to put in a few accent lights to add a warm glow or install functional lighting so you can read under the stars, there is a solution that’s right for your space. Solar-powered lighting is a great option for brightening things up outside. In fact, if your outdoor living area gets regular sunlight, solar lights are almost a no-brainer when you consider the efficiency, convenience and variety they offer.

Enjoy the Convenience

Solar units can capture enough of the sun’s energy during the day, and by using the latest in LED lightbulb technology, power the lights for hours at night. The bulbs also last longer, stay cool to the touch and are available in a variety of colors to fit the mood you want to set.

If that wasn’t enough, it’s important to point out that no wiring is needed when you’re installing solar-powered lights, meaning you can put them just about anywhere. Plus, they come on automatically at dusk, so you don’t even need to flip a switch.

Add Elegance to Your Exterior—Effortlessly

Solar lights come in a wide range of styles, from traditional to modern, making it easy to find a new light that’s a perfect match to your home’s exterior. Because they don’t require electricity or wires, you can place one just about anywhere. Find a surface that gets enough sunlight, and you can instantly add an attractive sconce with no drilling, wiring or mounting necessary.

Illuminate Your Balcony

Consider placing some solar-powered string lights across your balcony or porch railing to illuminate the dark corners of your space. These lights are powered by a single solar panel, meaning you can tuck the individual strands in and around your deck. Just make sure the panel is exposed enough to capture sunlight. They’ll bring a beautiful, twinkling glow to your space all year round.

Solar-powered step lights are a great way to add both ambient light and safety to your outdoor space. Because they come on automatically, they’re always there when you need them. Place them right outside your exterior door so that you don’t need to flip on a light if you’re heading out to your balcony in the dark.

Show Off Your Space When Entertaining

When you feel like partying, think solar lights to create a festive ambiance. Consider tucking color-changing sets under a patio umbrella or overhang, or run a string of small, solar-powered globes along an awning to make your party space come alive.

You could cover your entire balcony or patio in sustainable solar solutions and light it up completely without ever spending a penny more in energy costs. Select the LED bulbs and lighting fixtures that fit your space, set the right mood and make your outdoor area an inviting part of your home.

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