Best San Diego Concerts this Summer

That feeling when the guy on the guitar steps forward to play an improvised riff while the rest of the band keeps the beat without hesitation. Or the chills that run down your spine when a crowd of 500,000 sings along to the chorus of your favorite song. These are the unforgettable moments that make it worth every penny you spent on tickets to immerse yourself in a live musical performance instead of merely listening to it on your Spotify playlist. Check out some of the best San Diego concerts coming to venues near you this summer.

June 4 | Thrice |House of Blues

Come for the Shrimp & Grits, order seconds, and stay for Thrice. When the house lights turn down, you won’t be disappointed by the chanting crowd or the haunting sounds of “The Earth Will Shake.”  By the time the band plays “Deadbolt,” your only regret will be that you didn’t see this band live earlier.

June 25 | Magic 92.5 Summer Jam |Valley View Casino Center

If hip hop was born in the 70s, it certainly came of age in the 90s. Take a nostalgic trip through time with Salt N Pepa, Vanilla Ice, Color Me Badd and Young MC at the Magic 92.5 Summer Jam. Nothing will make you feel younger at heart than singing and dancing at this concert.

July 5 | 300th Army Band |Balboa Park

This free show is part of the Twilight in the Park Summer Concert Series. The 300th Army Band is an orchestra ensemble that performs patriotic selections and popular music. You’ll have a renewed sense of pride in our country after attending this concert, despite who is on the election ballot.

August 26 | Dave Matthews Band | Sleep Train Amphitheatre

From feel-good anthems of the 90s like “Crash” to subdued slow-jams like “Lover Lay Down” to edgier songs like “Cornbread,” there is a little bit of everything at a Dave Matthews concert. Many of the songs are extended, others feature impromptu trumpet or saxophone jams, and all of them crowd pleasers.

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    peta dunia satelit

    No Guns n Roses? The Q is gonna be rocking more than ANY show this Summer