Best Products for Deep Cleaning Your Apartment

Products for deep cleaning

We get it, we’ve all been there. It’s been a long time since your last deep clean, and it’s time to take back control! There are hundreds of brands out there, so let’s talk about the best products for deep cleaning your home.

Bar Keeper’s Friend: This stuff works so well on so many things, but especially sinks and cookware. One can of powder can last several years, and only sets you back about $5-$7. When you start scrubbing, you can see a difference right away. Instant change is one of the most satisfying things when cleaning, right? Don’t use it on gold, silver, pewter, marble, lacquered metals, or anodized aluminum.

Weiman Hardwood floor cleaner: If you have hardwood floors, try this for a shine that lasts. You don’t need to mix with water, just spritz and use your mop or sweeper (sans the sweeper’s included cleaners).  The liquid is eco-friendly, all-natural, safe for kids and pets, and biodegradable. I’ve heard the horror stories about Bona ruining your wood floors, so if you haven’t tried Weiman products yet, give it a go! Weimans also carries products for a variety of surfaces: granite, tile and bathroom, gas ranges, stainless steel cleaner, and more.

Simple Green Naturals multi-purpose cleaner: I love this stuff and it smells great. I use for cleaning my shower and tiles, and you can really shine up your patio furniture with it, too. There are so many uses. It’s made from 100% naturally-derived ingredients and biodegradable, as well as non-toxic.

Blue Magic carpet cleaner: If you have a spot to clean on your carpet, try Blue Magic. Having a small dog who occasionally marks his territory, Blue Magic is The Magic. Just spray, wait a few minutes, and dab with a towel. No vacuuming necessary. Blue Magic lifts both water and oil-based stains like urine, grease, tar, blood and wine.

Squeegees: If you have glass shower doors and don’t use a squeegee, start immediately. Squeegee right after showering. This helps keeps your doors clean and streak-free, plus it reduces the amount of white residue in your shower!

Now that you have a few tips about products for deep cleaning, see how they work for you! Once you have the deep clean down, the upkeep is much easier. While not every product listed here claims to be all-natural or environmentally friendly, we are excited about improving our green values and reducing our environmental impact. To read more about our commitment to sustainable apartment living, visit our Green Living page.

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