Best Iced Coffee Recipes

Whether you need a time-out or a pick-me-up, nothing beats an iced coffee on a hot summer day. But coffee prices seem to be rising as fast as the mercury. If you want cut back on your chilled caffeine costs so you have more money to spend on some sizzling swimwear or statement sunglasses, consider brewing your own.

Taste Dictates Brewing Method

The two most common ways to make your own cool cup of Joe are the hot-brewed method (sometimes referred to as Japanese style) and the cold-brewed method. The first yields a more traditional flavored drink with floral undertones, while the latter reduces acidity and makes a smooth, chocolatey beverage. Whichever method you prefer, you’ll pay dimes instead of dollars per cup when you buy your own beans and brew your own iced coffee.


This New York Times recipe combines and simplifies instructions from hot-brew coffee connoisseurs Peter Giuliano and George Howell, for a tasty iced beverage that anyone can make at home. Pour over filter brew systems are becoming more commonplace, but if you don’t already have one in the kitchen of your luxury UDR apartment, you can get one here. Feel free to experiment with spices like cinnamon, ginger or other add-ins to please your palette.


The folks at the Food Network claim to have the Perfect Iced Coffee recipe. For the best results, use beans roasted three or four days prior that are ground to the coarseness of sea salt. You can also add ingredients like Kahlua, caramel or sweetened condensed milk to complement the flavor.

Making your own iced coffee takes more time, but saves more money. Do you prefer the convenience of grabbing a cup to go or do you enjoy the ritual of making it yourself? What are your favorite recipes? We want to know!
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