Baby Steps to Fitness – Part 3: Inspiration from NFL Training Camp

Football Inspired Workout

NFL players are back to training camp so it has inspired me in my fitness routine. I’m not looking to bulk up like a lineman, and we all can’t hire a professional trainer/coach or workout in multi-million dollar NFL centers, but we can find small ways to make a difference.

Set your gamebook. Are you setup for a winning record? What plays will you run to score a touchdown in regards to your fitness? Schedule out your days with activities and nutritional meals to improve your health. Make a plan, define your goals, and work hard to become successful.

Two-a-days. Not that I enjoy working out even once a day, but what if I could do something twice a day? Start my day with the 7-minute workout and end the day with a nice bike ride. Schedule a time to incorporate brisk walks or jogs in your day along with your exercise or weight training routines.

Team play. Running on a treadmill never has sounded appealing to me, so how about joining a team? Find a tennis league, softball team, or even hiking club. Join a competitive level team or find a club that appreciates the social aspect of sports. Whatever your interest, it’s much better to get fit with a group of people. So draft talented and motivational people to help you achieve your goals… and encourage others too!

Scout your competition. Ok, not really competition, but check out what others are doing. What are people having successful results with? What looks like a fun fitness routines? Feel free to mix-it up so you don’t get bored with your current exercise routines.

Have fun. Training camps are filled with camaraderie, goofing off, and a little time to blow off steam. Did you see Peyton Manning dance at Broncos training camp recently? So go out dancing with friends, spend a day relaxing by the pool, or visit your favorite shopping spots. With work and working out, make sure you enjoy a little “R&R” and fun!

How else can your favorite NFL teams and players help inspire your workouts?

And now on to planning my fantasy football team…

Chelsea Hoffman

has worked in online marketing for over ten years and in the multi-family industry for over five years. She lives just outside the Denver area but loves traveling to luxury apartment communities and the unique neighborhoods in which they reside across the US. Chelsea has a passion for her family, shopping, and NFL football. Follow for her favorite apartment views and posts about making it through this crazy world.

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