Autumn Decorating Trends to Fall For

The crisp, autumn air is unmistakable and invigorating. Yet, the colors of fall seem to add instant warmth to even the coolest day. Bring the outdoors in and experience that same feeling with these luxury interior design trends inspired by the vibrant fall foliage of NYC, Boston and DC.

Start With a Neutral Color Palette

Think beyond beige. There are plenty of neutral colors that can act as the backdrop for your nature-inspired apartment makeover. Cognac is a sumptuous shade of brown that will add a sophisticated touch to any design scheme. The misty gray-green shade of cedar is another popular neutral color inspired by the season. Whether you are freshening up your paint or buying a new bedspread, these colors will breathe new life into your apartment.

Add Texture and Shape 

While once found only on balconies and patios, wicker has found a home inside. The natural, woven texture adds an element of visual interest, much like that of your favorite wooded path in the park. Don’t go overboard with one material, however. Pair a wicker headboard with painted metal side tables or place a rubbed black hall tree with wicker storage baskets in your entry way.

Go for Gold

Gold accessories are making a comeback, thanks in part to the golden leaves found throughout the eastern United States. Stick with muted tones that aren’t too brassy looking. Adorn your mantel with gold painted glass bottles and place a branch with leaves in each. Or, you could create a gallery wall with mismatched frames painted in the same golden hue.

Finish With Vibrant Pops of Color

Red is a classic fall color. Whether you prefer to set your sofa ablaze with crimson throw pillows or place a succulent cranberry comforter against a slate gray wall, you can’t go wrong with red. Russet orange is another favorite fall color found in the latest interior decorating magazines.

Make your apartment warmer and more welcoming with these fall decorating trends.

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