Aromatherapy 101: Using Scented Candles to Boost your Mood and Productivity

Can’t sleep? Feeling grumpy? Lacking motivation? Burning the right scented candle can alleviate these problems—and then some! Smell is one of our most powerful senses. Certain scents elicit fond memories, while others have healing powers. Here’s a roundup of some of our faves.


The calming scent of lavender is promotes rest and relaxation. Keep a lavender candle on your dresser or nightstand and burn it at bedtime. Almost instantly, the soothing smell calms your mind and body and enables you to get a better night’s rest. Some people also find that lavender relieves tension headaches.


Similar to lavender, the delicate, floral aroma of a jasmine candle offers benefits of relaxation. It also produces feelings of optimism and confidence, making it a great tool to fight mild depression.


When you can’t concentrate on the project at hand, try a cinnamon candle to sharpen your memory and attention span. Having one in your home office or cubicle comes in handy for those long conference calls or meetings that seem to last forever.


The scent of lemon also improves your concentration, but it also offers a natural energy boost and helps you feel more alert. Skip that calorie-laden latte and burn a lemon-scented candle instead. The Mayo Clinic also reports that citrus aromas such as mandarin are useful digestion aids and have shown to reduce feelings of nausea.


This go-to gum ingredient does more than just freshen your breath. When inhaled, the scent of peppermint clears nasal passages and invigorates the mind. Breathe in the fragrance before taking a test or an important brainstorming session.

Do you use candles to boost your mood or productivity? What are some of your favorite scents? Share them in the comments below.

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