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Apartment Bedrooms to Fall in Love With

The bedroom. It’s where the magic happens. But all too often, this private space ends up being everything but the peaceful oasis it was meant to be. In honor of Valentine’s Day and love- we think you should focus some attention on loving your bedroom. These apartment bedrooms will inspire you to focus a bit more on where you get your beauty rest.

Blue is calming, soothing color, so it’s no wonder that using this hue in the bedroom will actually help you to fall asleep!

Channel Mission Bay in San Francisco, CA
1818 Platinum Triangle in Anaheim, CA
Steele Creek in Cherry Creek Denver, CO

Next to blue, yellow is another color that lends itself to a good night’s sleep. When paired with a neutral like gray in this downtown Seattle apartment community, it won’t overpower your room.

8th + Republican in Seattle, WA
100 Pier 4 in Seaport Boston, MA

Shades of grey in the bedroom. It’s like your favorite little black dress: sophisticated and classic.

Fiori on Vitruvian Park in Addison, TX

A big, soft bed is an absolute must. Seriously. Invest in high quality sheets and pillows. You won’t regret it.

Columbus Square in Upper West Side, NY


What are your must-have items for a romantic apartment bedroom? Tell us in the comments below!