Apartment Balcony Decorating Ideas

In city apartments, the balcony may be the only outdoor place where we can enjoy some fresh and natural air. Thanks to this place, you can enjoy the outdoor air and it allows you to relax under the sun without even leaving your apartment. With a little vision and a couple of choice pieces, your blasé balcony can easily be transformed into your dream outdoor oasis. Check out a few of my favorite apartment balcony decorating ideas.

Cozy Cushions

I love the idea of adding cushions to any seating area and making it a place to curl up and relax outside.

Source: UDR Dallas Apartments

Source: UDR Dallas Apartments

Outdoor Dining

If you have a tiny balcony, then you won’t be able to fit a table and chairs in there. In this case, look for alternatives like fold-down tables which you can attach to the railings.


Source: UDR Dallas Apartments

Source: UDR Seattle Apartments

Source: UDR Seattle Apartments

Winning Color Combos

I’m always a proponent of adding pops of bright colors.

Have other great tips for decorating an apartment balcony? Be sure to share just in time for summer!
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