8 Great Winter Activities for Dogs

People aren’t the only creatures that get cabin fever during winter. If you don’t make an effort to keep your pets active in the cold weather, behavior issues will inevitably arise and you will both be unhappy. Here are a few quick and easy ways to get your dog moving and have fun with him at the same time.

1.     Bursting Bubbles

Dogs love chasing bubbles and popping them. Try some pet-friendly bubbles, which are available for just a few dollars and provide hours of active entertainment.

2.     Treasure Hunt

Hide a few of your dog’s favorite treats around your house and tell her to go find them. You could also use scented toys for this winter activity.

3.     Obstacle Course

At meal time, create an obstacle course that your dog must navigate to get to his dinner. Hide the dinner in a box or a Kong Wobbler for an added challenge.

4.     Fetch

Put the breakables away and try a game of indoor fetch. The unpredictability of a wobbly tennis ball bouncing across a kitchen floor or down the hallway makes this game a bit more fun.

5.     Hide and Seek

Throw a treat to get your dog away from you then hide somewhere in your home. Command your dog to “come” and then sit back as she rushes to find you.

6.     Go Swimming

There are a number of heated, indoor swimming dog swimming pools around the country. Find one near your luxury apartment communityand let your furry friend splash around and socialize with other dogs.

7.     Agility Class

Winter is a great time to sign your pooch up for an indoor agility class. Inquire at your local pet supply store to see what they offer.

Go for a Walk

There is no substitute for fresh air. Even if you don’t have a Bernese Mountain Dogbred for cold weather, it is still important to walk your dog regularly during the winter months. Keep short-hair and smaller breads safe and warm by:

    • Trimming nails for better traction or purchasing doggie boots
    • Putting a jacket on
    • Washing salt off paws to prevent infection
Exercise in any season is important for your pets’ physical and mental well-being. How do you keep your dogs active during the winter? Share your ideas below.
Amy Johnson

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