7 Sensational Kitty Condos for Your Feline Friend

So you’ve found your dream apartment—but what about your cat? Puff balls and shoe strings are great, but sometimes your furry friend needs a cozy place to call their own. Kitty Condos (as opposed to dog domiciles) are a wonderful way to keep your cat engaged and entertained with their surroundings. The possibilities for your kitten’s personal palace are endless, but here are a few of our favorites to get you started.

1. For the Modern Cat


This modern kitty condo is purr-fect for a sophisticated urbanite feline. The three large scratching posts allow for maximum scratch-ability, and the two drawers in the center allow for easy storage of toy mice.

2. For the Beachy Cat


Aloha from cat paradise! This tropical palm tree platform lets your cat soak up the sun in style.

3. For the Lazy Cat

This condo was designed for all those cat nappers out there. With three comfortable beds and a multitude of platforms to choose from, your kitty can snooze the whole day through.

4. For the Acrobatic Cat

Every cat is a gymnast, and now your furry friend can hone their skills on this extreme kitty condo. With a climbing ramp, spinning wheel, and 6 different levels, your cat will never be bored again.

5. For the Wild Cat


Beware of jungle tigers! If your cat wants to get in touch with their ancient ancestry, this naturalistic kitty condo is just what they need.

6. For the Regal Cat

With this regal cat castle, your kitty is truly the ruler of their own domain. Whether you call it Purr Palace, Chateau de Chat, or Kingdom of the Kitten, this kitty condo will make your cat feel like royalty.

7. For the Basic Cat


Finally: a fitting cat house for a house cat. This intricate kitty condo will give your feline friend the joy of owning a house without the stress of a mortgage.

Christine Carter

is a part of UDR’s Inside Sales team and has been instrumental in the roll out of our global property support strategy. With roughly 13 years in the property management field she brings a diverse amount of experience to this newly developing sales team. When she isn’t busy supporting her many properties she can be found snuggling with her cat or at the tennis courts.

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