6 LA Chefs & Foodies You Need to Follow on Instagram

Sure, you can see the beautiful dishes that your favorite chefs spend hours making in real life. But since we often spend more time looking at pretty pictures of dinner than we do consuming it, the tech gods have given us Instagram. But what does it take for your feed to be dubbed the best #foodporn in all of L.A.?

You’ll find inspiring Instas aplenty once you hit “follow” on these 6 LA chefs and foodies.

Krista Simmons, @kristasimmons

If your idea of a scene is a Farmers Market, follow Kristen. She’s constantly posting pics of her Farmers Market loot and how she cooked it.

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Zack Hall, @clarkstreetbread

Gluten-free folks, you might want to look away. This account is chock full of the prettiest carbs you’ve ever seen.

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Matthew Kang, @mattatouille

As the editor of Eater L.A., Kang spends his days writing about our city’s best chefs, newest restos, and most impressive dishes. So, it comes as no surprise that his Instagram feed reflects his expert knowledge of the L.A. food scene.

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Leah Bergman, @freutcake

Not only are food blogger Leah Bergman’s Instagrams beautifully art-directed, but she also posts recipes for most of the goodies she shoots on her blog.

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Stacey Sun, @thestaceysun

Sun is the woman behind LA Restaurant Week, and her Instagram account definitely reflects that. She eats out constantly, at both pricey and modest restaurants, and always shares her discoveries.

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Nastassia Johnson, @letmeeatcake

Native Angeleno and food blogger Nastassia Johnson describes herself as, “a true lover of cake, an enthusiast of pie, and a donut fiend.” Finally someone who shares my love of sweets!

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