5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Clean

It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it—and that somebody is you. Even if you share your luxury apartment with a roommate or a romantic partner, you still have to do your part of the spring cleaning. So how do you get motivated when you’d much rather get a manicure? Try one of these ideas and make that neat-freak Friend Monica Gellar proud.

  1. Set the mood with music.

There might not be an app to vacuum out your refrigerator coils or wipe down your walls (yet!), but there is a playlist for it. Check out this cleaning playlist from Popsugar or create your own with some upbeat faves.

  1. Host a dinner party.

You’ll certainly be more motivated to clean if you know friends and family are coming over. Entertaining guests on a certain day also gives you deadline to finish by. No more procrastination.

  1. Buy new cleaning products.

The power of smell is pretty persuasive. Remember that new bottle of Armani’s Acqua Di Gio you bought? Or Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue? You couldn’t wait to wear it and you felt great each time you sprayed it on. The same psychology applies to cleaning. Buy some new products with fun scents and you’ll be that much more motivated to actually put them to use in your apartment.

  1. Break it down and multitask.

Instead of thinking of spring cleaning as one large project, break it down into smaller tasks. Next time you are talking on the phone or listening to your favorite podcast, tackle a quick cleaning job. You’ll forget that you are doing dreaded housework and, in no time, you’ll have every task crossed of your list.

  1. Take advantage of housecleaning hacks and organizational advice.

 Not sure how to clean that pleated lamp-shade? Check out these time-saving cleaning tips from Good Housekeeping and turn to Martha Stewart for tried and true organizational ideas once your space is sparkling from top to bottom.

Tidying up doesn’t have to be tedious when you break a larger job into smaller parts, use new products and set a deadline.

How do you find your spring cleaning motivation? Share your favorite housework tips, tricks and tunes by commenting below!
Amy Johnson

is UDR’s budding social media guru, and has been instrumental in constructing the brand’s content strategy. After graduating from University of Colorado- Boulder, she started working for UDR as a marketing intern. When she isn’t perusing the web for the perfect pins and Facebook posts, she can be found hiking somewhere with her dog Rory.

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