The Next Big Thing: 5 Ube Desserts to Fall in Love With

Ever heard of ube? Pronounced oo-beh, it’s a purple yam popular in Filipino cooking, and it’s becoming the next dessert sensation.  From the insanely expensive gold flake-covered ube mousse-filled Golden Cristal Ube Donut in Williamsburg’s Manila Social Club, to the Fried Chicken with Ube Waffles at Maharlika in Manhattan, this pretty purple ingredient is getting a modern makeover and grabbing people’s attention. Here’s a list of ube desserts that should be on your radar—a delightful mix of old staples you should have already enjoyed, and new finds you should try.

Halo Halo | B Sweet Dessert Bar

Perhaps the most well-known of Filipino desserts, halo-halo translates to “mix mix” and is just that: a jumble of toppings that you literally mix up to eat. The combination of sweet toppings may vary, but there is a general formula: a starchy base like boiled beans or ube; a syrupy fruit like macapuno coconut or jackfruit; a layer of jello; a layer of shaved ice; some ice cream or leche flan; and, finally, a drizzle of evaporated milk. Los Angeles bakery B Sweet Dessert Bar has recently incorporated ube into their menu in several new items!

Ube Cheesecake | Hood Famous Bakeshop

Hood Famous Bakeshop, an online bakeshop in Seattle, garnered buzz for its ube cheesecake after it debuted in October 2013 as an item on Food & Sh*t’s pop-up menu.

Ube Ice Cream Sandwich | Cafe86

Cafe86, a tea and coffee place in Pasadena, stuffs their menu with Ube options. The Monster Ube Ice Cream Sandwich is a delicious brown butter cookie with Maldon Salt …. Creamy Ube Ice Cream & Oreos!

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Fried Chicken & Ube Waffles | Maharlika

The Flip’d Fried Chicken and Ube Waffle with macapuno syrup is a must try at this Manhattan restaurant.

Ube Donuts | Manila Social Club

The Williamsburg restaurant began offering the ube donuts when the chef made them as snack for his employees. Now called Ube Bae Donuts, customers could order them online for $40 a dozen—freshly made and picked up on Fridays only. Back in December, Manila Social Club posted an image of said donuts on Instagram. The gold-ube donut was “adorned with icing made with Cristal champagne and filled with an ube mousse, champagne jelly, and covered with 24k Gold.”

Have you tried any outstanding ube desserts recently? Be sure to share in the comments below!

Amy Johnson

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