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5 Simple Pool Rules for Any Apartment Community

One of the reasons you may have chosen your apartment was the stunning community pool, and now that it’s almost summer, you can finally use it. Swimming pools everywhere will be opening this Memorial Day weekend. So to prepare you for the months ahead, here are five simple pool rules to help you make the most of pool season!

As cliche as it may sound, we must remind you to keep safety first. Every pool has its own set of rules that need to be followed. They should be clearly posted in the pool area. Be sure to also refer to your community’s policies found in your lease.

Limit your guests.

Feel free to invite friends to your apartment pool, but be respectful of other residents and refrain from inviting your entire family or kickball team.

Dress appropriately.

By all means, show off that bikini body you’ve spent the last nine months working on! But keep it tasteful, please.

Know your noise.

Most people enjoy listening to music while laying out and/or swimming. However, remember that residents who live around the pool may not be as charmed by your musical taste, so keep the volume at a reasonable level.

No glass.

A trip to the pool isn’t usually complete without the presence of your favorite adult beverage, but be sure not to bring any glass containers to the pool area.

Clean up.

Few communities have lifeguards or official pool monitors, so it is your responsibility to clean up your own trash and keep the pool and deck pleasant. Dispose of beer and soda cans, food and food containers and any other left-behind items. Also be sure to straighten or replace any pool furniture you may have used.

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