5 Grown-Up Uses for Baby Wipes

No baby? No Problem. Go ahead and stock up on baby wipes anyway. These multi-functional wet naps have many other uses that have absolutely nothing to do with babies. Use them for some spring-cleaning in your apartment or to soothe a sunburn after a day at the beach.

  1. Shine your shoes.

Spring means it’s time to box up your boots and pull out your leather loafers or peep-toe pumps. After spending all winter in the darkest depths of your closet, however, you’ll probably find them covered with a layer of dust. Use a wipe to remove dust and make every pair of shoes in your spring wardrobe look as good as new.

  1. Soothe your skin.

It’s easy to forget the sunscreen on those first blissful, blossomy days. If you got caught without SPF, lay an aloe-infused baby wipe on the sore spots to cool your burn and hydrate your skin. Aloe wipes can also be used to alleviate some of the discomfort after an at-home wax.

  1. Dust your plants.

A quick swipe across the leaves of your house plants is all it takes to remove dust build-up and restore the sheen to your gorgeous greenery.

  1. Clean and condition leather.

Baby wipes work wonders on leather goods large and small. Spruce up your sofa before entertaining guests in your apartment by rubbing it with some baby wipes. They can also be used to clean up a grungy purse or leather jacket between professional cleanings.

  1. Remove residue from clothing.

Whether you’ve got white deodorant marks on a dark-colored shirt or some of your makeup came off on the collar of your white shirt, baby wipes are your wardrobe’s best friend. Simply rub the residue off with a wipe for a clean, confident look.

Life is much easier when you keep a stash of baby wipes at bay.

What other uses have you found for popular baby product that have nothing to do with kids? Share them by commenting below.

Amy Johnson

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