5 Great Summer Activities for Dogs

When the mercury starts to rise, so does you canine companion’s need for attention and stimulation. He can see the sun shining through the windows of and wants to get out and enjoy it just as much as you do. Even as luxurious as your pet-friendly apartment is, behavior issues undoubtedly arise if you don’t make an effort to get outside with your dog this summer. Check out these quick and easy summer activities for dogs.

1. Freeze. Play. Repeat.

Chances are you already own a KONG dog toy, or another brand that can be stuffed with food. If not, get one! Layer ingredients such as peanut butter, dog treats, dry kibble and an easily accessible treat, then stick it in the freezer. Your dog will love playing with the frozen toy on a hot summer day, and it will help keep him cool. Freezing it also extends the hours of enjoyment.

2. Take a hike.

When the pavement is too hot for paws, hit the trail instead. Both the ground and air temperature is usually cooler on hiking trails. With a little exploration, you might even find a stream to splash around in. Your dog will love the change in routine! And you’ll love the stress relief that nature provides.

3. Run through the sprinklers.

What’s better than a game of fetch? Playing a game of fetch in the sprinklers. Even in the early morning hours when most parks water the grass, you four-legged friend will enjoy playing running through cool water. Find yourself a dry spot on the sideline and toss away.

4. Have a pool pawty—err, party.

Dogs love spending time at the pool on a hot summer day almost as much as humans do. Most days, however, dogs aren’t allowed in public pools. The beach is always an option, but the ocean waves stress out some dogs. If your dog prefers lounging to lunging, pick up a doggie pool and float some treats in it for fun. This is a great way to get your dog used to the water and prepare him for one of those end-of-summer dog days at the public pool.

5. Go on separate vacations.

You’re headed to Cancun. Your dog is headed to canine camp. That’s win-win. Instead of being bored in a traditional kennel, your dog gets to go on a vacation almost as unforgettable as yours. There are a variety of great camps to choose from, each offering different levels of stimulation and socialization.

These are just a few ideas to keep your dog entertained during the summer months. Share your favorite summer activities for dogs below.

Amy Johnson

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