5 Delicious Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

Turkey sandwiches . . . again? A club made from Thanksgiving leftovers is tradition, but there are other ways to use up that extra turkey too. (Not to mention mashed potatoes.) Once you’ve had your fill of sandwiches, try some of these delicious recipes and turn your leftovers into something new.

Turkey Tetrazzini

This thick and creamy tetrazzini uses two cups of turkey meat and some of that extra celery, onion and turkey broth you ended up with. It’s got enough substance to stand on its own, or serve it with leftover rolls and green salad for a well-rounded meal.

Turkey Samosas

What to do with that mountain of mashed potatoes in your fridge? Use them along with some extra green beans and turkey to make these samosas. The Indian-infused flavor is entirely different than Thanksgiving dinner and gives your palette a new and exciting experience.

Turkey Tortilla Soup

This quick and easy recipe is perfect for the day after Thanksgiving, when the last thing you want to prepare is a heavy, time-consuming dish. Tortilla soup is light, yet filling, and warms you up on a chilly autumn day. This recipe can also be frozen and reheated on another day if you prefer.

Turkey Lasagna

The white sauce in this recipe complements the flavor of poultry better than others that use tomato sauce. Instant lasagna noodles simplify preparation without sacrificing taste. It’s sure to become a holiday tradition in and of itself.

Potato Pancakes

When you ate so much on Thursday that you don’t need another meal until brunch on Friday, whip up a batch of delicious pancakes with your leftover mashed potatoes. They taste great with a few strips of thick-sliced bacon and scrambled eggs.


Have you tried any of these Thanksgiving leftover recipes before? What are your favorites? Share your culinary advice with our readers below.

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