4 Reasons Bostonians Take the T

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There are so many great things about living in Boston—from spring training with the Red Sox to fall foliage in Boston’s Public Gardens, and everything in between. Much of downtown Boston is pedestrian friendly, with countless restaurants and retail establishments just around the corner from your luxury Boston apartment. But when you need to go further than Southie or the frigid New England winter hits, don’t reach for your driver’s license. Pull out your CharlieCard and catch a ride on the T. Here’s why Boston’s public transit system is the best.

  1. It’s less stressful than driving a car in the city.

Every city has their share of bad drivers, but Boston arguably has the worst. When you ride the T you don’t have to worry about someone banging a left in front of you or cutting you off to change lanes. Instead, you can peruse on all those Instagram posts you haven’t seen yet or people-watch in real time on the train.

  1. There’s an app for that.

Don’t have a CharlieCard? Use MBTA mTicket to buy a ticket from your phone in seconds without waiting in line or losing a card. Other third-party apps allow you to see if trains are running behind or on schedule and view route maps.

  1. Kids ride free.

Let’s face it: kids are expensive enough as it is. Whether you have a family of your own or you’re just playing the role of the fun aunt or uncle for the day, anything the kids can do for free is a reason to celebrate.

  1. It’s nationally ranked.

Boston was recently ranked third on a list of The Best Cities for Public Transportation. The T’s five color-coded lines make quick work for more than 390 million riders navigating the city each year.

Did we miss a good reason to take the T? Do you have any tips or tricks when it comes to riding the green line? Let us know in the comments below.

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