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4 Foolproof Ways to Get Out of a Workout Rut

Bored with kickboxing? Sick of spinning? Tired of tai chi? Don’t let exercise become dull and unproductive. It only takes a few minor changes to make fitness fun again and get better results. Here are four foolproof ways to bust out of any workout rut.

  1. Take the Scenic Route

Runners, bikers and hikers all tend to fall back on familiar routes. Instead of charting the same course week after week, use one of the MapMyFitrness apps to find new routes in your area. An added bonus? Keeping track of your stats on an app like this also helps fuel the fire to improve your workout. Getting off the treadmill or stationary bike and getting outside is also a great way to get out of that rut.

  1. Get New Gear

You know how exciting it is to debut that new curve-hugging cocktail dress or perfectly tailored suit? The same holds true for workout wear. Awaken your warrior within by trying a different look for yoga class, or rev up your winter run with a new jacket.

  1. Pump Up That Playlist

Music is powerful. Choose tunes with the right tempo and your workout will automatically become more intense. Experts recommend matching specific beats per minute (BPM) to certain activities.

  • Cycling: 95-130 BPM
  • Running: 150-175 BPM
  • Strength training: 120-130 BPM

Check out some of the different BPM playlists on Spotify or Rock My Run.

  1. Enlist a Personal Trainer

Regardless of your fitness level, a few sessions with a professional trainer is often all it takes to crank your workout up a notch. With their experience comes a variety of exercise methods to prevent boredom, all of which can be tailored to help you meet your physical goals. Working with a personal trainer also keeps your more accountable.

Even the most dedicated people struggle to make exercising fun and fresh at times. How do you stay motivated? Let us know by commenting below.