4 Fall Activities in Seattle

There’s something invigorating about the Autumn air that makes people yearn to do something new. Perhaps the nickname “Season of Change” refers to more than just the shifting shades of trees. But wanting to something new and actually knowing what to do are two completely different concepts. Here are a few ideas to jumpstart your fall, before all of the leaves have hit the ground. These are four fall activities in Seattle.

Take a Long Walk

Bellevue Botanical Garden is one of the best places to view all the colors on display. It boasts upwards of 50 acres of woodlands, wetlands, gardens and meadows. Time permitting, you could pack a picnic and meander for miles. If you only have enough time for a short stroll, BBG’s Lost Meadow Loop is a good choice at just a third of a mile. Dahlia Gardens is also a must-see with fall flowers in full bloom until the first frost (generally mid-November).

Yoga in the Park

While there are many benefits of vigorous outdoor activities like running or hiking, sometimes you need to slow down and replenish your energy. Practicing yoga outdoors is the perfect way to do this. The natural elements awaken your senses—especially your breath awareness. You can feel the oxygen flowing through your body as it enhances your focus and increases your overall relaxation. We Yoga Project offers an outdoor class at Gas Works Park on the north shore of Lake Union every Wednesday through September 28. Can’t make it to the class? Pack your yoga mat and a bottle of water and find your own outdoor space for a solo practice.

Give Your Bedroom a Mini Makeover

You only have to swap out a few elements of your bedroom to create a cozy atmosphere where you can curl up. Prepare for the crisp weather by outfitting your bed with new flannel sheets and a down comforter in deep autumn colors. Finish the look with some wooden accessories and you’ll actually look forward to a rainy day when there’s nothing to do but stay in bed and binge on Netflix or read a good book.

Pick Some Apples

Just an hour and a half drive from South Lake Union, Jones Creek Farms one of the best places to pick apples in Washington. The family-run farm grows more than 100 varieties of organic apples that are poised for picking in September and October. Grab a bag to keep in your fridge and snack on, and another few pounds to make an apple pie or apple butter with.

What are your favorite things to do in Seattle during Autumn? Let us know in the comments below.

Amy Johnson

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