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4 Clever Ways to Hide Cords and Wires in Your Apartment

When your phone, tablet or laptop dies, a little piece of you dies with it. How are you supposed to function without it? We can’t live without our electronic devices. But we could live without the clutter of cords and wires that make modern conveniences like Netflix, Hulu and Instagram possible. Here are four clever ways to hide eyesores in your apartment.

  1. Create a charging station in a drawer.

Empty out a drawer in your nightstand or dresser, drill a single hole for a cord, and you’ve got an out-or-sight charging station. Use Velcro to affix a USB power strip to the back of the drawer and plug it in to a wall outlet. Just make sure that the power cord is long enough to allow the drawer to open completely.

  1. Conceal TV cords in trim.

Flat-screen televisions look great mounted above a fireplace, giving your apartment a contemporary look. Cords running down the wall? Not so much. Check out this tutorial on hiding cords in trim for a clean, sleek look. If modern isn’t what you desire, take it a step further and conceal your TV too using an inexpensive canvas print.  It just takes a few minor modifications to hide your TV when it’s not in use.

  1. Use faux books.

Routers are necessary to make your wireless devices work. They tend to function better on high shelves, where the radio waves can spread out and transmit more effectively. No one wants to see a router or it’s cords, however. Cut a hole in the back of a book storage box, place it on a free-standing bookshelf and completely hide the router inside. Then, use Velcro to secure the cord behind the vertical portion of the bookshelf, down to the outlet.

  1. Hang fabric behind your desk.

Whether you have a modern metal desk or something more traditional, the space behind it is likely a mess of tangled wires. Cut fabric to the size of the opening behind your desk, and affix it using staples or magnets. A chevron print adds a some flair to an otherwise boring space, while solid black maintains a modern look.

Do you have any other genius ways to hide cord and wires? Share them by commenting below.

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  1. Wow thanks for the info. I’m going to try the fake books. I’ll show you the before and after.

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