3 Ways to Decorate Your Apartment for Fall

Crisp air. Shifting shades. Shorter days. Autumn is the season of change. The changes don’t have to be limited to the outdoors, however. Celebrate the season by updating your apartment décor with warm colors, natural textures and beautiful bounty. Here are three ways to quickly and easily decorate your apartment for fall.

Deck Your Door

Welcome your friends and neighbors with a seasonal wreath made from wheat and millet. The small, 13” diameter is simple yet sophisticated. For a bolder look that is still understated, hang a 22” handcrafted twig wreath against a crisp white door or a dark brown door. If you really want to make a statement, hang a 26” wreath on a 36” door. And don’t forget the Command hooks!

Fall Foliage Arrangement

Swap out summer’s brightly colored blooms with a fall foliage arrangement. It can be placed virtually anywhere in your apartment, but looks stunning on the mantle with a mirror hanging behind it. The reflection creates the illusion of an even larger bouquet, making a great focal point. Start with a rustic planter box, add branches and group them according to leaf size and color, then surround them with feathery foliage. Flank the arrangement with pumpkins about half the height of your planter box. Look for gourds in a muted, burnt orange hue rather than a bright, color-wheel orange shade.

Bundle Up

Just as the cool, autumn air calls for layered clothing, it also calls for the same when it comes to apartment décor. Continue adding pops of orange throughout your apartment by draping a coordinating throw blanket over the back of your favorite chair for those nights when you don’t want to shut your window but there’s a chill in the air. Or cuddle up with a cable knit throw in a neutral brown shade instead. Replace throw pillows on the couch that are covered in linen or other lightweight summer fabrics with those made of rich velvets, faux furs and cozy wool.

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