3 of San Francisco’s Best Local Markets by Neighborhood

There are few places in the United States where you can get quality produce, artisan cheeses and freshly baked goods year round. But in the Bay Area, these things are always “in-season” and the local markets are as fruitful in the winter as they are in the summer. Here’s a roundup of San Francisco’s best local markets.

Mission Community Market | 84 Bartlett Street | Thursdays 4 PM–8 PM

Located in the heart of the Mission District, this outdoor marketplace celebrates the diverseness of the community by bringing more than 80 independent vendors together in one place. Come for the selection of goods from small businesses, stay for the music and cultural programs.

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market | 1 Ferry Building | Tuesday & Thursday 10 AM–2 PM, Saturday 8 AM–2 PM

This San Francisco mainstay is one of the best known local markets in the nation. Locals and tourists alike peruse the extensive selection of just-harvested farm produce, fresh flowers, artisan breads and cheeses, and specialty grocery items.  Grab some lunch from one of the food vendors any of the three days it’s open, or learn how to prepare your own cuisine at one of the Saturday cooking demonstrations.

Where the magic behind Primavera’s chilaquiles happens every Saturday. A photo posted by CUESA (@cuesa) on

Heart of the City Farmers Market | 1182 Market Street | Wednesday and Sunday 7 AM – 5 PM

While Rincon Hill is technically part of SoMa, many of its residents can be found strolling along Market Street enjoying the Heart of the City Farmers Market. It isn’t as big and fancy as the Ferry Plaza Market, but that’ the appeal for many people—fewer crowds and lower prices. And, the later in in the afternoon you shop, the lower the prices get. Even if you aren’t in need of any produce, it’s a great place for lunch thanks to vendors like Roli Roti and All Star Tamales.

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