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3 Clever Ways to Dust Those Hard-to-Reach Places

Spring is in the air and, naturally, you want let the pleasant breeze cool your apartment. Before you even so much as crack those windows or open that patio door though, it’s a good idea to do some spring cleaning and get rid of all the dust that’s accumulated over the winter. Start from the top, then work your way down for the best results.

  1. Clean lights with duct tape and dryer sheets.

Keeping your lightbulbs and fixtures clean brightens up your home by as much as 30 percent, according to the US Department of Energy. But how do you make quick work of a tedious task? First, turn off the power and make sure bulbs are cool. Then use a long-handled Swiffer to clean recessed light cans and bulbs. Remove light bulbs from other fixtures and wipe them down using a dryer sheet. If you’re having a hard time removing a bulb so that you can wash the glass shade, place small strips of duct tape on the sides of the bulb to get a better grip.

  1. Swirl a makeup brush to clean intricate details.

Whether your entertainment center has remote-friendly mesh panels to conceal your electronics or your china cabinet boasts hand-carved details, use a clean makeup brush to get inside all the little nooks and crannies. For guys that don’t happen to have a makeup brush lying around, you can also use a paint brush with natural bristles.

  1. Use sliders to move furniture and dust underneath.

It’s easy to use the “it’s too heavy” excuse to skip dusting under furniture. But anyone that’s ever accidentally kicked a remote under the couch and retrieved it knows just how badly it needs to be cleaned under there. Use furniture sliders to move heavy furniture without damage to the flooring (or your vertebrae), then vacuum the area.

It takes more than a few feathers fastened to the end of a stick to thoroughly dust your home.

How do you clean in those hard-to-reach places? Share your own cleaning hacks with our readers by commenting below.