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22 Questions to Ask During an Apartment Tour

Going on an apartment tour is a crucial step in finding the right place to call home. It is the perfect opportunity to see what the apartment and community look like and ask questions directly related to the space and its features. Here are 22 questions I have found to be helpful during the apartment tour:

  1. How old is the building and have there been renovations?

  2. Ask about any online reviews that you have read.

  3. What (if any) utilities are included in rent?

  4. How are maintenance requests handled?

  5. If you have a car, ask about parking availability, security and monthly costs.

  6. What’s your pet policy? Are there a lot of residents in the building that have pets?

  7. What is the guest policy?

  8. What are the hours of the apartment’s amenity spaces (pool, fitness center, etc.)?

  9. Is the pool open year round?

  10. Can the amenity spaces be rented for private events?

  11. Are there resident events ?

  12. Is there a barbecue grill on site?

  13. How is trash handled?

  14. How is mail delivery handled (large packages)?

  15. Can rent be paid online?

  16. Can you paint the apartment?

  17. Will a king size bed fit in the bedroom?

  18. How good is the cell phone reception from my apartment?

  19. Are satellite dishes allowed?

  20. Can you mount a TV to the wall?

  21. Can apartments be sublet?

  22. What would it take to break the lease?

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