2016 Reading Challenge: What’s to Come

Reading is one of my favorite things to do with my spare time. But I often find I have little time for it. For several years now, I have been setting a goal for the number of books I would like to try to read that year. This year’s goal is 50 books.

And when my sister sent me the 2016 Reading Challenge from PopSugar , my immediate response was: let’s do it!

We laid down one ground rule – one book per category.  The rest is up to the reader.

Since I like most genres of books – I figured this would be really fun. I am not big on self-help books or “the classics” but I love a good mystery or biography.

Over the coming months, I will be blogging about my progress as I make my way through the reading challenge.  When I complete a category, I will share a review of the selected book. I will also make my recommendations for books I have read in the past that would fit the category.

For those that want to play along, here is the full list…

PopSugar Reading Challenge Book List 2016

PopSugar Reading Challenge Book List 2016

Please share your recommended books in the comments!

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