10 Tips for Unpacking and Getting Settled

Moving into a new place is exciting but takes a lot of work as well. So whether you are determined to get unpacked in two days or like to take your time over the course of a month or two, here are some helpful tips for unpacking and getting settled.

  1. Get your boxes and furniture in the correct rooms, right away. It’s a big waste of time to keep shuffling boxes from room to room. If you have an open concept floor plan, it’s best to designate a spot in each living area for boxes. You don’t want boxes lining the walls of your entire home.
  2. Set your furniture, big pieces first. Arrange and re-arrange until you feel you have the best flow through your rooms. You may have to reset in a month, but this will help as you unpack accessories to put them in their new home right away.
  3. Unpack essentials first. The bathroom and kitchen should be the first boxes to unpack. At the end of the first day you’ll want to eat and take a shower. And you won’t want to search boxes for the coffeemaker the next morning.
  4. Make your bed. Again, you’ll want to fall into clean sheets after a long day.
  5. Remove empty boxes from your apartment each day. The empties will clutter your space and eliminating them from your view will bring a small sense of accomplishment.
  6. Save a box or two for charity. As you unpack set things aside for donation if you didn’t have a chance to sort through things before you moved.
  7. Determine the best place to store your items. You may need at least one trip to The Container Store but getting your closets set will help you avoid buying a new bottle of shampoo because you forgot you had an extra and so on.
  8. Decorate. This is the fun part! Take your current favorite pieces of art and decorate your walls. Add a touch of color with a new throw blanket or cute new accessory. Add a few pictures of friends and family to make your home personal. Don’t get carried away as you’ll want to add new finds later and don’t want to look cluttered.
  9. Shop. What is your place missing? What will make your place feel like a home? Become more functional? Represent you?
  10. Get out and meet your neighbors. A new place to live isn’t any fun unless you have great new friends to share it with.

Having a hard time making the time to get everything set? Does your Orange County apartment still feel incomplete? Throw a housewarming party! Invite friends over to check out your new pad and show off your space. You’ll be much more motivated to get everything done if you have a date (deadline) set. What have you learned during the moving process that has helped you get settled? Please share your tips below that I can add to the list. 

Chelsea Hoffman

has worked in online marketing for over ten years and in the multi-family industry for over five years. She lives just outside the Denver area but loves traveling to luxury apartment communities and the unique neighborhoods in which they reside across the US. Chelsea has a passion for her family, shopping, and NFL football. Follow for her favorite apartment views and posts about making it through this crazy world.

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