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10 New Year’s Resolutions to Make If You Live in LA

If you want to shine brighter in the City of Stars, there’s no better time than 2018.  Check out our list of New Year’s resolutions ideal for anyone living in Los Angeles.

  1. Advance your career.

Whether you learn a new skill for your casting profile or you want your budding boutique to rival retailers found on Rodeo Drive, dedicate an hour each day to career advancement.

  1. Be more generous with your time.

Give back to the city you love by volunteering. Unsure where to start? Check out VolunteerMatch to find opportunities specific to your interests.

  1. Take an architectural tour of the city.

Los Angeles is full of iconic structures—from Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock house to the Broad Museum. See your surroundings in a new way on an architectural tour that explores several neighborhoods.

  1. Learn to surf.

The beach is practically in your backyard. So why don’t you go more than a few times a year? You’re not a true Angelino until you can ride the waves.

  1. Read more.

After a day of retail therapy at The Grove, hit the Fairfax Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library to pick up a few classics. If you’re burned out on the written word after reading scripts day and night, download an audio book instead.

  1. Use less water.

It seems like California is always deep in a drought. Install a low-flow shower head in your LA apartment, and find other ways to conserve water throughout the year.

  1. Put an emergency kit together.

Fires and earthquakes threaten the city constantly. Make it a point to build an emergency kit for you and your roommates this year.

  1. Do something new every week.

Try a new restaurant. Watch movies outside of the multiplex. There are so many things to do in Los Angeles you can keep things interesting by doing something you’ve never done before on a weekly basis.

  1. Meditate more.

Don’t let life overwhelm you. Create a meditation space in you home and make the reflective ritual a part of you daily routine.

  1. Start a journal.

Journaling can help you realize your true feelings, organize your thoughts and achieve your goals.

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